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Call: (800) 690-8883
Call: (800) 690-8883


IMG_0809 We build it right so you won’t have to repair it later.

We didn’t become one of the nation’s leading structural repair and restoration companies overnight. Each member of our executive team brings decades of success in engineering or construction. We joined forces as ARI around a common belief, that solid relationships build strong projects. We are committed to delivering the highest quality work and the best possible customer services. In an industry fraught with posers, our core mission is built to last. These aren’t just pretty words, but our commitment to you.  Our work is warrantied and our warranties are industry-leading. The nation’s top property managers and architectural firms return to us again and again because our work stands the test of time. As prime and tier contractor for federal, state and local agencies, our company-wide safety plan is in accordance with the US Army Corps of Engineers EM-385-1 and we employ certified safety inspectors on site.

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