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Call: (800) 690-8883

New Construction

U District in Seattle Marriot New Construction Rendition

The Marriott Residence Inn, in Seattle’s University District, is an EIFS industry game changer!

The envelope design of the Residence Inn originally featured metal panels, thin brick and stucco. Most recently, this design created a significant challenge as the Marriott faced stringent new energy code requirements for air barriers and continuous insulation. Three different claddings, three different installation contractors and wildly varied warranties were quite a puzzle!

ARI provided the winning plan: Significant cost savings will result from meeting energy code requirements and the budget is affordable. Even better, the Marriott project design delights building management with one continuous envelope system that replicates metal, thin brick and stucco. State of the art Dryvit-manufactured EIFS includes a drainage system, air and weather barriers, positive moisture drainage, and true continuous insulation. The entire system and finishes are installed and warrantied by one award-winning contractor, ARI, and one respected manufacturer, Dryvit. Significant cost and energy savings win the day.

Stay tuned for more pictures and the most innovative continuous envelope system you've ever seen!

Stay tuned for more pictures and the most innovative continuous envelope system you’ve ever seen!

Our New Construction Services

Our experience and repeat successes in structural repair and restoration define us as experts in commercial grade construction. For many years, our customers have brought new construction jobs to us, asking us to build it right the first time – so we won’t need to repair it later. We are happy to oblige, with successful design-build services and industry-leading warranties that stand behind our work. Our executives and team of project managers, builders and technical specialists are craftsmen with decades of industry experience; ask us how to balance your need for speed and cost with quality construction that lasts.

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