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Call: (800) 690-8883
Call: (800) 690-8883

The Marriott University District in Seattle, Washington

This terrific hotel was a new construction opportunity and management was facing huge expense to execute their design and meet upcoming energy codes. Owners were ready to approve an expensive plan that featured an exterior with three complicated claddings: cement plaster, brick veneer and composite metal panels. Luckily, ARI stepped in to save the day and the budget with a custom EIFs system.

The sharp exterior that resulted is a game-changing EIFs customization and installation. This system is true continuous insulation with unique exterior finishes that incorporate the look of all three original claddings. Owners receive a system that includes latest air and weather barriers and moisture drainage with a single source ARI installation and warranty with Dryvit. Even sealants are included in the warranty.

This winning building is the result of months of work and coordination with top professionals in each field. Owners are very happy to have gained an energy efficient, functional, durable and high quality building envelope that showcases the beautiful, multi-faceted look they desired. This $1.2 million 50,000 square foot exterior skin will be a landmark in the University District for decades to come. Completed in just six months, we especially acknowledge and thank our manufacturers and suppliers for their support. And, we extend special thanks to our field crews for their continued commitment to quality and excellence.

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