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Recent Awards and topnotch favorites in Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon

Scroll below to see our recent successes in 2018 and 2017. We just have to share with you here: Our team, expert craftsmen, and construction pros made these winners more than successful as cutting-edge building solutions. Our unique EIFS construction resulted in ‘safety first’ design and seamless transitions of exteriors in brick, stone, and soft surfaces. At the same time, we’re rightly proud of our ability to deliver and partner with topnotch companies including Dryvit, Tremco, and Pechora Architectural Sealants. Superstars all, please read on for our success with customers including Nordstrom Rack and The Marriott!

North Hollow in Portland, Oregon

When you're in Portland stop by 15th and Taylor to see North Hollow, this beautiful building by SERA Architects blends right in with a quiet nod to the historic neighborhood. Public and private spaces are taking shape on our watch with multiple stucco textures and metal balcony accents. Here’s our own Keith Simchuk in action, keeping the crew safe and the stucco application worthy of our exacting standards.

Our assignment is a massive exterior stucco project in historic Goose Hollow. Partner Keith Simchuk leads our pros and runs a tight ship, ensuring that the job site is clean, safe and always compliant with city codes. Did you know that very few of our competitors are willing to take on commercial stucco applications? It’s hard to get it right and most aren’t willing to try. We’ve been at it for so long it’s a real fit, stucco is a natural for our tough guys — we stand behind our work with the best warranties around because we’re experts. Equally important, we choose only the best partners. With the new construction at North Hollow, our best of breed materials come from partners like Dryvit, Tremco and Pecora Architectural Sealants. Thanks guys!

First United Methodist Church, Seattle

When you’re working 60 feet up in air, in the dome and the vestibule of a historically significant property like Seattle’s renowned First United Methodist Church on Fifth and Columbia, you better know your craft.

Our decades of plaster and stucco work in climates damp and dry certainly qualifies; we take on the difficult plaster jobs that few are willing to warranty. That’s no problem here. Simply visit Fifth and Columbia in Seattle to see this sensitive veneer plaster renovation and arch work on a special project. Partnering with supplier Salmon Bay and General Contractor JTM, we’re proud to be part of the dream team dedicated to preserving this jewel. Click here to watch our video and stay tuned for updates.
Photo credit for this project: Ronald Woan

Tigard City Hall, Tigard, OR

Northwest Wall & Ceiling Bureau Restoration Project of the Year!

ARI served as General Contractor and EIFs installation experts on this commercial renovation and restoration project. We acknowledge all of the fine professionals at Tigard City Hall and thank them for this this opportunity. It was a terrific experience working with the city.

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The Marriott University District in Seattle, Washington

Northwest Exterior-Commercial Project of the Year!

This terrific hotel was a new construction opportunity and management was facing huge expense to execute their design and meet upcoming energy codes. Owners were ready to approve an expensive plan that featured an exterior with three complicated claddings: cement plaster, brick veneer and composite metal panels. Luckily, ARI stepped in to save the day and the budget with a custom EIFs system.

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US Coast Guard Station Yaquina Bay, Newport, Oregon

Completing an exterior EIFS overcladd restoration sounds pretty straightforward. But for US Coast Guard Station Yaquina Bay, in Newport, Oregon, we needed tarps, tenting and experienced pros willing to work in rain, wind and storms. We completed the project and kept the crew safe, with continual building access available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A beautiful and water-tight building exterior, complete with new red doors, was our final outcome. Thank you to all the hard working crew members at US Coast Guard Station Yaquina Bay, we couldn’t be prouder to support the team and their focus on search and rescue and law enforcement.

Black Hills High School in Tumwater, Washington

Black Hills High School, home of the Wolves, serves about 1,000 students from ninth to twelfth grade in Tumwater, Washington. Administrators, teachers, counselors, assistants and volunteers love working in this educational facility that is approaching twenty years old. When the 20-year-old EIFs exterior began to show damage, Applied Restoration was pleased to jump in and solve the issues. Our EIFs restoration eliminated water intrusion and protected the surfaces completely. This great school now meets latest energy codes, has a brand new appearance and a modern concrete exterior that is safe and easy to maintain.

San Diego State University Zura Hall, San Diego, CA

Our professional installation of the Kemper System begins with Kemperol 2K-PUR, a solvent-free, fleece-reinforced and liquid-applied waterproofing system based on polyurethane resin. The odor-free product can be used universally on roof decks, roof gardens, plazas, balconies, terraces and also for indoor areas such as bath rooms, catering kitchens and plant rooms. In addition to this project ARI has done extensive removal of existing coating and installation of Sika's self levelling product on all of the core floors and various rooms to achieve a level substrate for interior finished surfaces. Lastly, ARI is performing installation of polishing terrazzo, Tremco's traffic-able deck coating and fluid applied waterproofing membrane. This has been a job where communication with the GC and all subs is paramount while ensuring 100% safety assurance and quality control throughout the entire projects schedule to completion.

Capitol Place, Sacramento, CA

The Capitol Place building is an 8 story office building erected over 5 stories of above ground parking. ARI, as part of the DryvitCARE program, remediated the entire exterior envelope of the building. This consisted of power washing the exterior, replacing all silicone joints and re-skinning the EIFS with a new base coat, mesh and color system. Additionally ARI retrofitted the existing structure, where the CMU infill walls interfaced with the Post tensioned slabs in the garage levels, to reduce "racking" between the two elements. The completion of the project came with installing new sheet metal parapet caps, installing a high performance coating over the CMU walls and installing traffic coatings.

San Diego Police Department Headquarters, San Diego, CA

ARI was selected by the City of San Diego as the Design-Build contractor to seal the entire exterior of the SDPD HQ building. ARI worked with architects Vasquez-Marshall and Momentive sealants to design a solution to the buildings water intrusion issues. The building itself was built in the early 1980′s and has an exterior metal panel system. The panels were separating from each other and the sealants were failing. ARI installed nearly 70,000 of Ultraspan premolded silicone including custom shapes and sizes. The project culminated with a modified AAMA 501 spray test on 100% of the exterior elevations.

La Sierra Tower, Coronado, CA

This 15 story mid-rise luxury condominium is located overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The salty ocean air had, overtime cracked and spalled the edges of the concrete balconies. ARI chipped and removed the damaged concrete, installed a protectant to the rebar and installed over 100 cubic feet of new high strength concrete. Finally, a high quality elastomeric paint coating was installed over the entire structure.

Fashion Valley Mall, San Diego, CA

ARI was approached to help develop a procedure for re-waterproofing a 110,000 SF, second floor pedestrian walk in an active upscale shopping mall. We brought in a manufacturer and worked closely with the architectural team to devise a system that would allow for the complex sequencing necessary to maintain access to the stores during the day. ARI was able to save more than a day per location off the schedule by utilizing electronic leak detection in lieu of a traditional 24 hour flood test.

Geothermal Plant, Calapatria, CA

The Geothermal Resource Area in Southern California's Imperial Valley is an important producer of geothermal energy. Due to the nature of the plant processes several areas on the concrete floors, containment walls and mechanical pads had been badly eroded. ARI successfully patched and repaired the substrate with new high strength concrete and installed a high-build epoxy corrosion-resistant, protective coating over all the surfaces.

SW Washington Medical Center, Vancouver, WA

SW Washington Medical Center, ranked as one of the top 100 hospitals in the Nation, contracted ARI to complete 26,000 square feet of much needed EIFS repairs. The work also included resealing windows and walkways. Replacing parapet caps and installing a new awning.

Park Place Condominiums, Portland, OR

The Park Place Condominiums project was originally built in the late 1970's and clad with an older marblecrete, exposed aggregate stucco system. The condominium ownership sought to update the look of the building and to restore the weatherproof exterior envelope. ARI was selected to "re-skin" the exterior with a new reinforced, direct applied wall system, replace all building sealants and restore and repair the integrity of the balcony decks with a new high-performance waterproof membrane system. Aged aluminum windows were replaced with energy efficient thermal pane units. Upon completion the Park Place Condominiums received a new look and a new weatherproof exterior to withstand the rigors of the northwest weather.

Westover Condominiums Portland, OR

A high-end, four story, luxury condominium originally constructed in 1998 overlooking downtown Portland. Westover was experiencing water intrusion problems related to the unit balconies. ARI was contracted to repair and remediate the exterior. All concrete topping of the decks was removed, deck framing repaired and a new tile-like waterproof system installed. In making repairs to the decks it was necessary to cut an 8" band into the EIFS wall system around the entire perimeter, install new flashing and waterproof membranes. EIFS that was removed needed to be patched, and aesthetically blended back into the existing EIFS system. ARI replaced the building sealants and a final finish coat of a high performance; self-cleaning, hydrophobic repellent was installed to once again restore the exterior visual appeal of the property.

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